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_P0A4976“In order to tell a good story, you must live a good story. In order to live a good story you must realize that your story plays a very, very, very small part in a much bigger story. And although you may call yourself a story teller, you must remember that you’re also a character. So play your part and play it well. Open your eyes. See the little stories. Tell the little stories. And watch as they play into the grand story. To me, that’s the power of photography.” -Billy Jack Brawner


*ok, where’s my cookie?*

I started this not because I think I’m F Scott Fitzgerald, witty, or hell– interesting.  I’ve came out of the shadows because there is more to me than the photographs I take. There are the stories. THEIR stories.

The couple who met later in life after failed marriages, the woman who held a baby she thought she would never meet, the couple who faced so much adversity by just being in love….I hear these, I treasure these stories. The human narrative is a beautiful, complex and mysterious thing and I aim to capture it in all its glory.

I’m truly glad you’re here with me.

Is this the part where we give each other a virtual hug???

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