Whitney & Jake’s Elegant Olmstead Wedding

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Whitney & Jake’s Elegant Olmstead Wedding

The Olmstead / Louisville KY

They have differing opinions on who made the first move–Jake claims he “put the vibe out” after first meeting her, and Whitney’s Facebook friend request led to their first date at the Silver Dollar–but regardless, these two are so well matched it leaves you inspired about love.

There were so many beautiful sentimental touches throughout their wedding day that makes it stand out: Whitney wore her mother’s veil that was handmade by her grandmother, their invitations were incredible custom watercolor paintings by The Illustrated Life, they melded together both Jewish and Catholic traditions, and Jake surprised his mom by playing a song from a record his late grandmother had recorded.  It was beginning to end full of energy, sheer happiness and excitement, and of course love.

Whitney and Jake chose not to do a first look and instead saw each other for the first time when the church doors opened. It was an incredible moment with the sunlight beaming through the stained glass windows and organ filling the entire church. I know a lot of brides are on the fence about first looks, and my advice is always to focus on making your wedding day about what the two of you envision. I believe your team of vendors should honor your wishes and accommodate your vision!

The vendors (linked below) were absolutely INCREDIBLE and did just that. So I’m going to take a second to shamelessly brag on them: The blooms from Rose & Honey were so unique and vibrant they basically got their own photoshoot, and everyone was complimenting them all day long. The makeup and hair by the team at Blush & Honey was so flipping talented they produced exactly what a bride should strive for: completely flawless and incredible natural.  Lorrie from L&M Detailed events was always 3 steps ahead and worked tirelessly behind the scenes for the day to go smooth. John Stone was so awesome to work with and created a video that recapped the day perfectly! Huge shoutout to Kyra Rookard for lending her talents, you’ll find a lot of her captures here in this blog and I’m so thankful for her! The venue at The Olmstead was so accommodating and such an ornate and unique space. As you can tell, the band, Kudmani kept every guest on the dance floor the ENTRIE night. They made Whitney and Jake feel so special!! They also were super accommodating to myself and Kyra which is so considerate.

I’m so, so grateful for getting connected with this couple! They were so welcoming and FUN my cheeks hurt from laughing with them!!

Cheers to many years of bliss!!! To Whitney and Jake!!

Second Photographer:

Kyra Rookard 


Ti Adora Bridal, purchased at Couture Closet


Black Tux


Blush & Honey – out of Nashville


Blush & Honey – out of Nashville

Ceremony Location:

St. Joseph Catholic Church


John Stone



Reception Location:

Bridesmaids gifts:

Pajamas and pearl necklaces



Grooms Gifts:

My dad made each of the groomsmen a beer flight out of the staves of a bourbon barrel!

Where did you mostly look for your wedding inspiration?

Over half of our guests flew in from out of town (a lot of them coming to Kentucky for the first time ever) so we wanted to give them a taste of our city/state’s culture which is what we used to guide us when planning out how our big day would look and feel. Our meal was southern-inspired, our signature drinks were a Mint Julep and a Lily, and all of our guests received a bottle of bourbon, an Ale-8-One, a Please & Thank You Cookie, and some of my mom’s bourbon balls (yummmm)! Jake lived in New Orleans for four years so we also wanted to somehow tie that into our celebration so we had beignets for dessert instead of cake! (Can you tell we are foodies?) I actually got most of our décor inspiration from the stuff I decorate our home with. I LOVE vintage blue and white porcelain pottery pieces so we had our floral designers use those as the vases for our centerpieces. Peonies are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE flower so I knew I wanted to have those as well! Jake had also collected some ideas that he wanted to do from previous weddings he had been at, such as a candy bar, a photo booth, and a Time Capsule table where friends and family could write us letters to be opened on future anniversaries!

How would you describe your wedding in 3 words?

Family. Friends. Fun.

What was the best moment of your wedding day?

Whitney – The best moment for me, which was ironically the moment I was most nervous about, was walking down the aisle and finally getting to see and touch my groom! We didn’t do a first look (which I am so glad about) so walking down the aisle was so surreal. I remember staring at Jake’s face the entire trip down the aisle and thinking how I was so excited to finally see him! He looked so nervous at first and then the closer I got to him, the more comfortable he started to look. When we were finally together and holding hands, he told me that he had missed me all day. I will never forget that special moment and the feeling of unreal, pure joy.
Jake – My favorite memory, and the only one I have any clear recollection of in the whirlwind of the day, is Whitney’s smile. When the doors opened (and I was as cool as a cucumber), I will always remember how beautiful she looked and how I couldn’t believe she’d agreed to marry me. So much of the day happened so quickly but that single moment still remains frozen in my memory.

Is there anything you would have done differently? Why?

The ONLY thing we each have as a ‘con’ for the day is that it went by too quickly. In hindsight I think it would have totally been worth it to pay for our band and bar service for an extended period of time. But, then again, no amount of time would have seemed like enough because we were having such a blast. The day was just too fun and amazing to end!

If you could give advice to a bride planning her wedding, what would it be?

-My number one piece of advice would be to do what you and your fiancé want because it’s YOUR DAY! Jake is Jewish so we had some of his family traditions that we wanted to tie into our ceremony but didn’t know if it would work because we were getting married in a Catholic Church. But ya know what? We did them and I am so glad we did because these were some of the most memorable parts of our day. We stomped a glass and yelled “Mazel Tov” after we were announced as husband and wife, and we did the Horah at our reception and our priest loved it just as much as anyone else! Don’t be afraid to do what YOU WANT because it’s no one’s day but yours!
-Another piece of advice is to MOST DEFINITELY try to enjoy every single bit of planning and have fun with it! Try to savor every minute of the big day because it truly is the most magical, special day ever.
-If your budget allows, I would highly recommend getting a coordinator for day of. Lorrie (our coordinator from L&M Detailed Events) truly was a life saver with last minute organization and because we had her, I felt so relaxed on wedding day and felt like a guest at my own wedding which was amazing.
-Try to remember the way you feel throughout the day; I specifically remember standing on the altar and looking out at the congregation and thinking to myself, “I want to remember this forever.”
-Another piece of advice I would highly recommend is to try and think about sentimental details ahead of time. I spent at least 2-3 weeks before our wedding planning out what I wanted to say in letters to my groom and family for the day of and I am SO GLAD I did this because these letters are something my family cherishes and will have for the rest of their lives.
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