hello there

I am a wife to a rad bearded guy and a mommy to Sawyer and Daisy. Their love shapes me and inspires me in ways my heart still can’t comprehend.

I have an irrational fear of killer catfish and refuse to swim in any lake, including the one I grew up around here in Somerset.

I’ve owned 7 orchids all of which I have killed (R.I.P. guys). I continue to be in denial that I will one day successfully keep one alive. ONE DAY!!

I have an affinity for those eccentric documentaries on Netflix, junk stores, crude humor and torturing my husband by dragging him to art galleries while I nerd out.

I love, love, love: people + love + art. Thus the recipe for fueling the passion for what I do. I will most likely cry during your vows and squeal with delight when I witness something mushy during our session because that mush is what life is all about!

My blog is here so you can get a better feel for my style and see lots more images from sessions or wedding days.

If you are interested in information on having me as your photographer, just leave me a quick message here!  


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